Multi-Level Adjustable Back Massager

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Relax the muscles in your back and strengthen your core with the affordable back stretcher that chiropractors recommend for daily use to relieve pain.

Back pain? Scoliosis? Old age? Bad posture? That is gone now. You deserve a healthy and active life. Our back stretcher keep your spine in good condition by relieving and preventing back pain, allowing you to have more mobility, deeper sleep and posture alignment with ease. Just taking 10 minutes per day will help to stretch your muscles and increase flexibility, as well as strengthen them. The is great for improving your posture and never worry that you get old anymore.

The benefits of spinal decompression are without question. By stretching your back, you can relieve pressure and elongate your spine. We designed our back stretcher to aid in such a process, utilizing high quality materials and superior construction to ensure it serves you well for a long time. Back pain is no joke. Get support from the Chiropractor's Choice Back Stretcher.

This back stretcher decompression device is a home therapy spinal traction system that uses simple gravity to help stretch and relax your spine in order to provide pain relief. Use it for 10-15 minutes, 2~3 times per day, to achieve optimal results!

Intergalactic Features

Bring the galaxy down-to-earth with Galaxy Lamp's newest innovation

✨8 kinds of nebula effects - You can either display the nebula itself, the stars only, or both at the same time!

✨Adjustable speed and brightness - You're in control, create the mood!

✨Multi-angle rotation - The head is held magnetically onto the body. This means you can move it around in any direction!

✨2-gear timing (45 and 90 minutes) - set it and forget it!


✨It's Perfect for Any Room

Our best-selling Astro projector features quality craftsmanship using high-resolution NASA satellite imagery to produce images. Look up to the soothing sky, kick off your shoes, and feel the stress of the day melt away. 

✨Safe for the Whole Family

The Astro Projector uses low wattage lasers and produces little to no heat. It's kid- and pet-friendly. Gain peace of mind and conquer your space!

✨A Unique Gift

Your friends and family will never guess what’s inside their box - a show-stopping Astro Projector. It’s the perfect present for both kids and adults, transforming even the most boring of bedrooms into an intergalactic extravaganza.


At Nebula-11, we believe in the Astro Projector so much we want to back that up with a Risk-Free 30 Day Guarantee, get your money back no questions asked.

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